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Hello Repapiz!!

Long time no post here!!


Hindi lahat ng bagay sa mundo ay makukuha mo na deretso..

Minsan kinakailangan mo pa itong paghirapan ng ito’y makukuha mo….

Kulangot Mo…Kunin Mo»»

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Those people who can stay in the group are those people who can understand you..

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Pag gusto mo lang manira ng moment…. hehehe….

When you are in a down moment, don’t try to look around because things around you will bring only discouragement, instead, look upward and see somebody is lifting you up. God bless!!


Can You suggest a good business to propose?


Have you experienced this kind of feeling that you are almost excited and then, it was canceled immediately?


Single Line Poetry 75


I can’t believe that i started to believe what i thought was real.

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The easy way out

Mensa IQ Test - Mensa IQ Test

After, I take the test, this the results..

I don’t know if it is True..


There is more than to life…

      If God will make us rich, just a single snap, we will become rich..

Then, if we want to become most powerful, likewise, we can be.

       But all of this, doesn’t matter to Him..

What he wants is to share the good news that everyone should possess..

may you be encouraged to share the Gospel for the lost sheep around the world..